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Amazing body diva Picture Amazing Body
(36 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Wearing a white button down executive shirt, tie, micro minkskirt, and fedora. I very slowly peel down to my blazing hot red bra, panties, and stiletto high heels. My ruby lips smirk as I tease you, knowing your testes are beginning to ache at my slow reveal. My body is beautiful, natural, and powerful. (tease, panties, cleavage, legs, bum)

Bare legs Picture Bare Feet and Legs
(23 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

A hot summer day and I am wearing a light blue miniskirt and tube top. My underarm, feet, and legs are smooth and bare as I show off while cooling off. My pretty face gets up close, and you can almost taste my cute little monkey toes as I put them right in your face. Observe the toned curve of my creamy bare legs as I cross and uncross them. Are you trying to peep up my skirt?

Bikini nurse Picture Bikini Nurse Tease
(32 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Ultra tease! Two long braids, one shiny vinyl Nurse Uniform, and a resistance blowing little red bikini. I leave on the knee high white go-go boots, but slowly slip out of the uniform and pull on a pair of wrist length surgical latex gloves. Taunting you with every soft curve, enhanced by creative lighting both shadowy and ultra bright. Let's see, which part of your anatomy should I examine first?

Boot fetish Picture Black Corset Boots
(21 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

Perfection defined. In this blood boiling set I am showing off my brand new black knee high corset boots, their sexy ties criss crossing up the entire length of my curvy and toned calf muscles. Seamed Cuban heel stockings, and shiny black PVC gloves. I'm also wearing my shiny black bob wig, for those of you that share my wiggy lust. My most popular and sought after pic set!

Fishnets tease Picture Black Fishnet Tease
(2 Digital Pictures - 1067x800 - ZIP File)

Two upclose and personal images of my smooth toned legs wrapped in black fishnet pantyhose with a red racing stripe backseam. If you drool over toned calf muscles, you'll need a bib to view these. My skirt is fairly short and my black snakeskin high heels complete my outfit perfectly.

Black Thigh Boots Picture Black Thigh Boots
(12 Digital Pictures - 1100x825 - ZIP File)

Get up close and personal with my ultra sexy black thigh high boots with amazing pink soles. Get on your belly, now kiss my boots. Watch closely as I move and stretch my long curvy legs, become mesmerized by my extremely sexy boots as I cross and uncross my gorgeous get away sticks.

Corset fetish Picture Blue Corset
(51 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Divine juxtaposition of grace and raw construction. Flawless royal blue satin and ripped sheer black stockings. Ivory linen empire chair and stark bare floors. Feel your body respond to me as I pull you inside the tilted fantasy of my tightly cinched waist and undone garters (six-strap). Deftly teasing you with my smooth curves, even my harsh shadow commands your attention. (corset, stockings, gloves, wig)

CamDiva tease Picture Candid Diva
(5 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

Strange images. Extremely sexy and impossibly tease-y, yet strange never the less. These are brand new images taken by me and posted to one of my social network outlets. What's inside? An up close shot of my gorgeous eyes and new "whisper peepies", heavy cleavage action, a gorgeous pic of my face with glasses and sexy cleavage, and two bizarre images of me dressed in a nun's habit and stilettos praying to the powers that be that Chris Evans' penis is as pretty as his face. Lulz. (tease, cleavage, eyes, glasses, humor, costume, pantyhose, heels)

Stockings over pantyhose Picture Cleavage and Nylons
(3 Digital Pictures - 1067x800 - ZIP File)

I'm not quite sure what is going to make you weaker, my smooth muscular thighs wrapped in a double layer of ultra shiny pantyhose under an equally glossy layer of deep tan silk stockings with garter, or the fabulous fitted three button vest enhancing my marvelous all natural cleavage. Not that it matters, I expect you are already drooling. (tease, cleavage, vest, stockings over nylons, garter)

Dangle feel drop Picture Dangle Drop Heel
(7 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

Wearing ultra sheer denier sheer-to-toe black pantyhose and a sassy litle skirt, I dangle and play with my stiletto mule in slow motion until it drops to the floor and exposes my midnight black painted toes. I can almost feel you reaching upward towards my legs and feet, wanting to kiss and sniff from your imposed belly position.

Shiny nylons Picture Deep Tan Nylons
(10 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

Sexy fitted black skirt, shiny white satin blouse, and a knock out pair of high gloss deep tan pantyhose had my nylon boys dropping like flies. As they stared in awe at my toned legs, I seeped inside their consciousness and planted seeds of intense sensual destruction.

Fishnets and glove fetish Picture Fishnets and Gloves
(24 Webcam Grabs - 980x526 - ZIP File)

24 glorious images of my soft smooth body, excellent quality huge webcam grabs. See my beautiful blue eyes, black fishnet legs and toes, my mouth watering black fishnet gloves. I tease and taunt you, knowing you want to see more. The stellar black pinstripe bra and panty I am wearing are very unique and ultra sexy. Indulge yourself in desire for me, you know you want to.

Wig fetish Picture Flapper Diva Wig
(38 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Lingerie fetishists will enjoy my love for satin opera length gloves, organza, stockings, and accessories featured in this sassy image series. I am wearing my flapper wig and a gorgeous shade of ruby red lipstick. A bit of a high contrast series, the main hues are black, red, and white. A slow and sensual strip tease from bare shoulders to partial nudity, quite sexy.

Gladiatrix heels Picture Gladiatrix Heels
(40 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

I instruct you to get down on your knees and worship me as I pose and torment you with my smooth bare flesh wrapped in one of my favorite panty and bra sets and a shiny pair of opera length black satin gloves. The real show stopper are the amazing gladiatrix heels I am wearing, buckled around my muscular calves and bare feet. Go ahead, just try and resist.....

Gray boot fetish Picture Gray Boot Fetish
(7 Digital Pictures - 1066x711 - ZIP File)

My boot collection is always growing, my love and lust for boots is well documented. This particularly fabulous pair of gray suede thigh high boots have a most attractive pink sole that any tongue would be lucky to lick. I added these to my Wish List and sure enough, one of my boot slaves bought them for me. Look into my eyes as I put my boot's pink soles in your face. Stare at my shapely rear as my pantyhose thighs peep above my boot thigh. (boots, skirt, pantyhose, thighs)

Red heels Picture Hot Red Suede Heels
(7 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

On this fabulous afternoon I selected a classy all white and red ensemble to terrorize and seduce my pets via webcam. I dipped, dangled, and dropped my sizzling hot red suede heels with stacked wood heels. When a sexy dangle accidentally drops, so does your jaw.

Stockings over pantyhose Picture Lace Over Nylons
(7 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

My passion for sliding more sexy pieces on over a shiny pair of pantyhose is well documented. On this steamy tease and denial webcam session day I slid a pair of racy black lace stockings and garter on over one of my many pair of shiny suntan pantyhose.

Lace stockings Picture Lace Stockings
(31 Webcam Pictures - Apx. 640x480 - ZIP File)

A little black cocktail dress, black lace stockings, and patent stiletto heels. A bit of artistic shadow play as I am known to do. This slightly serious series has a bit of haughty flavor. The focus remains on my lacy legs and beautiful ass, however there is a bit of panty tease, leg crossing, cleavage, and shots of my face.

Magic fetish Picture Magic Pictures 1
(4 Digital Pictures - Apx. 640x480 - ZIP File)

Based on a very popular optical illusion, these pics are magic! Listen to the attached MP3 of my crystal clear voice, straight vox with no music or effects, and obey my very specific instruction as I talk you through how to view these images of my lovely face. If you comply precisely with my commands you should be able to see the magic happen before your very eyes on the very first try!

Mega stiletto stockings Picture Mega Stilettos and Stockings
(13 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

Soft sheer black stockings, fine denier, and a rarely before seen pair of black leather mega stilettos with sharp pointy chrome heels. I broke hearts and controlled minds for hours via webcam sessions wearing this hot ensemble. They are not easy to walk in, truth be known, yet they are as sexy as sin!

Merlot silver pantyhose Picture Merlot and Silver Nylons
(15 Digital Pictures - 1237x825 - ZIP File)

Shimmery high gloss silver metallic dress short enough to cause a scandal when worn in public. My luscious legs are wrapped in sheer silver pantyhose, my toes look extra tasty, as I tease you mercilessly with my rich hued merlot lingerie.

Mixed Leg Fetish Picture Mixed Pictures
(53 Digital Pictures - 960x720 - ZIP File)

Currently my most popular picture set, with "Vanity" now in second place. So much tease, prepare yourself! This is a mixed batch of single pictures I've self shot and posted on my social media profiles. Heavy focus on leg tease in both stockings and pantyhose - boots and high heels. Gorgeous face shots, silk and satin, and so much more.

Wig fetish Picture Pink Kitten
(35 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Sassy! Sexy! Pink! Many close ups of my gorgeous face and soft blue eyes, framed by a fabulous bright pink wig. Completing my kitten costume are a set of ears and a skin tight black velvet catsuit that I remove to reveal luscious pink lingerie and shiny tan stockings with garter underneath. Drool over my curves, my sensual manner, my soft teasing style. Just be careful, I am known to bite. (pink, stockings, garter, wig, lingerie, cleavage, legs)

Red bikini tease Picture Red Bikini Tease
(47 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Another incredibly sexy medium-resolution webcam series of me teasing and seducing you while wearing a tiny red bikini and a pair of open toe ankle strap stiletto heels. Erotic, I pose and show off my natural curves and athletic muscle tone. Watch as I peel out of my bikini and position my body so that you never actually get a clear view of that which you want so badly to see. Ultra tease!

Red lingerie Picture Red Lacy Lingerie
(28 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

I simply adore this red lacy teddy, it is well known that red is one of my favorite colors. Enjoy my shiny nude silk stockings. Heavy focus on my toned legs and perfect rear end, ass worshippers will fall to their knees as they view each increasingly sexy image.

Red stockings Picture Red Red Red
(45 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Red red red, from my lips to my toes my entire body is wrapped in red. My hair is pulled up to reveal my smooth neck and shoulders, my red lace lingerie dress sits off of my shoulders. Red garter, rich red stockings, and platform open toe red stiletto heels. Artistic lighting creates sizzling shadows, while intense lighting lights my face and ruby red lips!

Satin fetish Picture Red Satin Sheets
(27 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

For those who appreciate my passion for satin and lingerie, this webcam series will leave you breathless. Such lovely tease and sensuality, my creamy porcelain skin against rich vivid shiny red satin sheets. My black silk robe slides off to reveal my sheer lingerie and black thigh high Cuban heel stockings. My soft black satin opera gloves taunt you with every move. (satin, lingerie, stockings, gloves)

RHT stockings Picture RHT Tan Stockings
(16 Digital Pictures - 1100x825 - ZIP File)

Oh my my, one of my ultra sexy pair of shiny suntan RHT stockings paired with an even shinier pair of studded black patent stilettos. Feel yourself begin to drool over my smooth yet softly wrinked soles and tasty nibbly little monkey toes.

Sex toy haul Picture Sex Toy Haul
(62 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

If you know me well then you probably appreciate my twisted sense of humor. This picture series is a prime example of how fun I can be when I am happy and excited. Behold my stack of new sex toys (gifts from a slave that feels dutifully fulfilled when giving me tributes or gifts). The under tongue vibrator shows promise, as does the crystal strap-in ("in" not "on"!), and the bright blue latex strap-on. Teasing you till it hurts, knowing now you want to splurge on my Wish List to see me smile like this. (casual, funny, tease, toys, strapon)

Silk and leather fetish Picture Silk and Leather
(15 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

If silk or leather get your blood boiling and your make your chest tight, this domination set will take your breath away. Wearing a richly toned pure silk Asian inspired blouse, unlined Italian leather elbow length gloves, clingy black silk skirt, thigh high black silk stockings, and one hypnotic pair of silk print stiletto heels. More concentrated femininity than one male can take!

Fur fetish Picture Stockings and Fur
(34 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Expensive Wolford stockings, extremely high gloss and shimmery. My fabulous white rabbit fur coat, so soft and sensual. Complete with white lace lingerie, sassy black bob wig, and a six strand pearl choker draped around my lovely neck. Taunting you, making you weak. Laying atop my soft fur and making you stare at my perfect legs and feet, pushing you onto your back and standing over you. (stockings, fur, wig, pearls, close ups)

Stockings over pantyhose fetish Picture Stockings Over Pantyhose
(27 Digital Pictures - 1600x1067 - ZIP File)

Flat out one of the sexiest nylon fetish shoots I have ever done. I slid a shiny pair of white thigh high Wolford stockings over an ultra shiny pair of suntan pantyhose, and paired them with shiny white patent heels and a white silk shirt. Extra large pics, perfect quality. Drooling already?

Striped pantyhose Picture Striped Pantyhose
(26 Pictures - 980x530 - ZIP File)

A sizzling hot series of screen grabs taken from one of my high definition videos. Rolling around on one of my slipper sets of satin sheets, I show off how amazing my shapely toned legs look in a new pair of high contrast striped pantyhose. I am wearing nothing underneath, I suspect you will try to squint and peek to try and catch a glimpse of my feminine wonder. The stripes accentuate my curves perfectly. An amazing visual series that will leave you breathless and wanting more. (pantyhose, pattern, legs, satin)

Leather glove fetish Picture The Interrogator
(41 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

I have ways of making you talk. My ensemble sets the tone: silky black bob wig, leather gloves, black pinstripe suit, thigh high stockings, and lace lingerie. You have sensitive information, I know how to sensually twist you and make you beg to divulge all you know. Piece by piece until I smother you with my panties.

Leather glove fetish Picture Through the Window
(83 Webcam Pictures - 640x480 - ZIP File)

Amazing Voyeur Series! Creative concept designed to feel as though you are peeping in through my bedroom window, you perv. Lounging in my bright pink silk robe and lavender bra, no panties, with bare legs and feet. Observe as I do a bit of leg stretching, paint my toes, chat on the phone, and remain oblivious to your spying. Or am I?

Leather glove fetish Picture Unlined Leather Gloves
(28 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

Unlined black Italian leather gloves, more! I lust for leather. The scent, the sound, the feeling of second skin. This film noir styled series is dark and mysterious. Stare into my sky blue eyes as I stretch and flex my leather hands, as I taste the leather with my wet pink tongue. Allow yourself to weaken as you watch.

Mirror fetish Picture Vanity
(35 Digital Pictures - 800x600 - ZIP File)

Currently one of the most popular set of my still growing collection. 35 breath taking images of me exploring my feminine body, using a large round mirror to examine every inch of my creamy smooth skin. I use my satin gloved hands to trace every curve from every angle. My long silky hair partially pinned up with sexy ringlets falling across my shoulders. Amazing and unique images.

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