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CamDiva Giantess Worship Picture
TOPIC: Giantess Worship
"With my unique perspective stemming from being both in front of and behind the camera, I thoroughly enjoy playing with the Giantess Worship and Giant Goddess fetishes. Under my feet, under my chair, and under my desk you'd better be sure to stay out of my way or you may get squished like a little raisin. Imagine the view. Being able to see the mile long view up my curvy legs. Possibly being able to sneak a peak of my sexy panties or pantyhose. And if I do spy you way down there? Well, for your sake you'd better hope I am not a hungry Goddess. Though you'd make little more than an itsy bitsy little snack, I still might feel the need for some fresh meat no matter how small the portion...." - quote TheCamDiva

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